Frequently Asked Questions about Document Runner and Messenger Services

What does the directory actual do for its clients?

Our directory lists only the most reputable and experienced court document runners and messengers. The purpose of Our directory is to assist people in need of a Courthouse Runner or messenger service, to find dependable service providers. Anyone using our directory to find a Runner service can depend upon our nationwide listings of local court Runners and messenger. Courthouse Runners specialize in time sensitive pick up and delivery of legal or urgent documents. Their emphasis is placed upon timely document management on behalf of law offices, business executive, corporate counsel who must have documents filed, copies, delivered to or from a courthouse, government building or law enforcement offices.

Are document deliveries made on weekends?

Yes of course. However, many locations are closed on weekends and holidays but Runner services do pick up and delver documents on weekends and holidays.

Is there a deadline when you must receive a document runner request if services are needed on the same day?

Yes, if you are considering hiring a Runner to perform a same day service, your request must be submitted prior to 10:30 am. However, some Runners may be able to assist you, provided the location is easily accessible and weather and traffic is favorable to last minute services.

Do Runners accept documents by email and facsimile?

Yes. However, documents scanned and sent as a Pdf attachment to an email is widely recommended.

Do Runners charge for mileage and time?

Generally no. However, with some services mileage may be factored into your final quote..

How are runner and messenger services Paid for?

Runner service usually accept all major credits cards, Venmo, Zelle, Checks and PayPal. Payments are arranged between you and who you hire.

We recommend you ask as many questions as you can to as many Runner services as possible. Each Runner service has their own policies and procedures. Listed below are the states and territories where we have Runner and messenger service listings. Simply click on the location where you need assistance and you will find numerous runner companies to choose from. Ask them questions, get information and always ask for their best quote.