Frequently Asked Questions about Document Runner and Messenger Services

What does CourthouseRunners.com actual do for its clients?

We are court document runners and messengers who specialize in time sensitive pick up, retrieval, delivery, and document copy services. Our emphasis is timely document management on behalf of law offices, business executive, corporate counsel who must have documents filed, copies, delivered to or from a courthouse, government building or  law enforcement offices.

Are document deliveries made on weekends?

Yes of course. However, many locations are closed on weekends and holidays but we do run and messenger documents on weekends as needed and where we can.

Is there a deadline when you must receive a document runner request if services are needed on the same day?

Yes, if you are considering hiring us to perform a same day runner service, we must have your request confirmed before 11:00 am. However, we may be able to assist you after 11:00 am provided the location is easily accessible and weather and traffic permitted

Do you accept document runner requests by email and facsimile?

We only accept runner request by email. We do not have a facsimile machine and you should not either!

Do you charge for mileage and time?

Generally no. The fee we offer you is a flat fee.

How are runner and messenger services Paid for?

We accept all major credits cards and PayPal only

How late can we contact you to arrange the runner services?

Our office answers its telephone Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday. We also monitor our email address seven days a week and answer questions and confirm services up to about 11:00 pm eastern standard time.

Can we set up an account with you so we can be billed for future requests?

Yes you can! After we complete your first prepaid document runner service we will send your invoice marked paid in full. Attached to that invoice will be a second document. Said document will be a client sign up form for you to fill out. It’s a simple and easy form that will allow you to request future service requests and to be billed for them.