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Court Document Runners and Process Server Services

To get started, listed below are our featured nationwide Court Runners and Process Servers. These unique and dependable service providers are equipped to handle your Court Document Runner and Process Service requests anywhere in America. To get started, click on any one or all listed Court Runners and Process Servers and get information and quotes within minutes.

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Local vetted Court Document Runners and Process Servers For Serving, Delivering and Retrieving Legal Documents. Now its a snap to have your legal documents served, filed, picked up, certified, copied and or delivered to and from any Court. To find out more, please read on.

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Nationwide Listings of Court Document Runners and Process Servers

Court document Runners and Process Servers for Legal Document Deliveries can be found listed by state, county and city. Each Process Server and Court document Runner you find, prides themselves in providing on time service of process and Court document Runner services such as, document delivery services. Cumulatively, listed Court document Runners and Process Server companies listed in this directory, have performed more than four hundred thousand transactions on behalf of their clients. Their overall success is attributed to performing dedicated and consistent services that have been relied upon for three decades.

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Listed Process Servers and court document Runners perform services on behalf of law firms, paralegals, real estate offices, finance companies, corporate offices, legal support service businesses and structured settlement companies. Court document Runner services are performed on behalf of anyone seeking reliable delivery or pick up of documents requiring a fast turn around. Whether you are a person needing personal assistance or a business requiring our services you can depend upon any document Runner or Process Server you find in our directory. Each document Runner has a reputation of being fastidious and dependable, so no worries! All document Runner services are immediately available and are guaranteed to be on time.

Most Popular Court Runners and Process Servers Services

Document Runners are experienced with Service of Process, Courtesy Copies, Case files; Docket Sheets; Police Reports; Settlements; Wills, Probate, Agreements; Certified Documents; Motions; Extension for time, Letter's to a Judge; Deeds, Exhibits; New Lawsuits; Production od Documents, Wills, Estate Documents, Surrogate and Wills, etc. So NO WORRIES, use our directory, hire service providers and receive and unconditional guarantee for timely results!


No. The documents our Court Runners and Process Servers retrieve and copy on your behalf are NOT authentic unless they are certified by the office or clerk providing the documents. If you intend on using copies for a filing with a court or agency, they must be certified. Certification of documents must be performed by the issuing office at the time the copies are provided to the document Runner.


Yes. We have been involved with clients who are required to meet strict deadlines. Our document Runner always follows the directives of our clients and makes every effort to meet deadlines. However, we do not have an influence of the court or agency where files are to be retrieved and copies. Therefore, there is no guarantee deadlines will be met. We urge our clients to give themselves as much time as reasonable and to expect delays.


All listed Process Servers in this directory are perform service of process and document Runner services, specializing in SERVING, delivering, retrieving and copying documents only. Listed Process Servers and court document Runners move papers from court to office, offices to courts and deliver in an expeditious manner. We easily convert paper documents to digital documents and can deliver via email.


They run and serve legal documents everywhere! The most popular services provided on a daily basis are performed at, federal and state court buildings, corporate offices, government agencies, law firms, financial centers and even residential locations. Actually, our Process Servers an court document Runners will run and serve for you to any location!


Really? What are you going to do? Leave your office or home and drive to far away distances to serve process, drop off, pick up, retrieve or copy files? Nope. You can save time and expense by hiring a dependable and experienced Process Server or document Runner service and have your needs met at a fraction of the time and expense. Process Servers and court document Runners perform services on behalf of corporate counsel, business owners, attorneys and law offices. Court document Runner services save time, save expenses and can be depended upon.

WHO IS Courthouserunners.COM AND HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE Court DOCUMENT RUNNER AND PROCESS SERVING BUSINESS? is A directory of Process Servers and court document Runner service businesses known for on time and reliable process serving legal documents and court document Runner services. Document Runners listed in the directory are professional court service expeditors who perform at high levels of intensity, knowing each service they provide is time sensitive and depended upon for important decisions.

To the extent the court, the office or agency you send the court document Runner to agrees to your request, your service is guaranteed. You are assured of timely service of process, pickup and delivery of your documents, as required. Document Runners and Process Servers travel everywhere and have extensive experience with most courts, agencies and offices in their local service area.