Posted June 1, 2018 @ 4:01 pm

 Sometimes a subject may be all too aware that they are soon to be served. Rather than just accepting the court documents with their head held high, these subjects might decide to evade the service of process.

In cases like these, it becomes necessary to employ a classic tactic familiar to Private Investigators and Process Servers alike: The Stakeout.

During the stake out, the Process Server will wait outside a location where the subject is known to appear, such as their residence or place of work. The Server may have to patiently sit in their car for hours, carefully watching the premises for any signs of the subject. Then when they appear, the Process Server must act fast.

At this point, the subject will mostly just accept the service of process. However sometimes, since the subject avoided service in the first place, they might not concede acceptance of papers so easily.  

Perhaps they quickly enter their car and refuse to pull down the window.  The Server then may just place the papers on their windshield.

ACE Process Servers always work compliantly and within the law, but will also take the extra step to ensure the service of process.